Abandoned Vessels Need Action, Not More Words

OTTAWA — After years of pushing for action on abandoned vessels, New Democrats supported a motion in Parliament today, but noted much more is required to address the hundreds of vessels that are currently abandoned on Canada’s coasts.

"I am happy to see the government agree that abandoned vessels pose economic and environmental risks, but coastal communities need more than statements of good intentions,” said Sheila Malcolmson, NDP MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith. “Unfortunately the non-binding motion passed today doesn’t go nearly far enough to create a process for dealing with these vessels.”

The Private Member’s motion from a backbench Liberal MP, does not legally compel the government to take any action or create any new mechanisms for dealing with abandoned vessels. Meanwhile, Malcolmson introduced legislation in February that would make important changes to streamline the process and reduce the burden on local governments and taxpayers.

“After more than a decade of inaction by successive federal governments, it’s time to create real solutions so we can get to work cleaning up and protecting our coasts, waterways and harbours,” Malcolmson said.

Malcolmson’s action plan for abandoned vessels, Bill C-219, is set to be debated next year.



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