Canadians Deserve Accessible and Reliable Gov't Services

MP Malcolmson: When will the Trudeau Liberals fix the broken government agencies

Too many people are being left behind by inaccessible and unreliable government agencies. "It is like being given a jigsaw puzzle and turning out the lights," a young vet from my riding with PTSD describes navigating Veterans Affairs.

The agencies themselves are understaffed and under-funded, leaving the remaining staff stretched so thin that they are scrambling to deal with the ever-growing backlog. Wait times are stretching from days to weeks to months for Canadians, and they are suffering undue stress and financial hardship as a result. Low-income Canadians and seniors, especially, are the people who should have the support they need from our government.

When will the Trudeau Liberals restore Canadians' faith in the system set up to serve them, and when will the federal government reinvest in the workers who provide this service?