Government Must Consider Project Impacts On Indigenous Women

OTTAWA – Following the report from Amnesty International on resource development in Northeast BC, the NDP is urging the federal government to consider the impact of its decisions on Indigenous women and girls.

 “This report is consistent with first-hand testimonies I heard from Indigenous leaders and women’s groups”, said NDP Status of Women spokesperson Sheila Malcolmson, who travelled to the Peace River Valley in July. “Federal governments have been green-lighting development projects without any consideration for the inequalities and risks to women and girls that are too often a result.”

 According to Amnesty International, there are no federally funded on-reserve shelters in northeast BC. The report states that: “this overall increased demand for services because of megaprojects strained providers’ ability to provide services for women fleeing violence.” 

“This should set off the alarm bells within the government as Amnesty International is known for reporting on the world’s worst human rights abuses,” said Malcolmson. “I am very concerned about the federal government's refusal to provide core funding for women’s organizations and services to support victims of violence.”

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