Help Protect Our Coast!

Help protect our coast

Trudeau’s pipeline expansion would boost bitumen oil shipments from 30 tankers per year to 408, a colossal increase through sensitive ecology that cannot handle a spill. This is all downside, no upside for Nanaimo—Ladysmith.

Coastal communities are alarmed about the marine impacts of the TMX pipeline expansion: a sevenfold tanker traffic increase, terrible oil spill response, bitumen spill risks, traffic harming Orca whales, and disrespect for First Nation rights. 

It’s time for the Trudeau Liberals to stop fighting with First Nations in the courts. The government must stop dismissing the very real danger this project poses for our coast. The Liberal government must live up to its promise to work with First Nations. It’s time to invest in clean energy jobs and build an economy for the future.

It’s still urgent Prime Minister Trudeau and his 17 BC Liberal MPs hear from you loud and clear that you don’t want the TMX tanker traffic harming our coast's economy and ecology.

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