Join Our Campaign to Clean Up Abandoned Vessels

Abandoned vessels pose a serious environmental and navigational hazard. For too long, jurisdictional gaps have left coastal communities with nowhere to turn for help.

It's time for federal action to clean up abandoned vessels!

I have introduced Bill C-352, An Act to amend the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and to provide for the development of a national strategy (abandonment of vessels) to:

  • End the run-around and finger-pointing by designating Coast Guard as the agency responsible for directing the removal & recycling of abandoned vessels
  • Build a coast-wide strategy in cooperation with local and provincial governments
  • Get taxpayers off the hook by fixing vessel registration and creating a fee to help cover the cost of vessel disposal
  • Prevent vessels from becoming hazards by piloting a turn-in program at safe recycling facilities
  • Create good green jobs by supporting local marine salvage businesses

Please sign this petition urging the federal government to support my bill!

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