Liberals Continue to Shut Out Proven Coastal Solutions to Abandoned Vessles

MP Malcolmson in the House of Commons

After decades of sounding the alarm on the pollution problem of abandoned vessels, New Democrat and coastal community pressure finally got abandoned vessels on the federal legislative agenda. Unlike my bill, C-352, which the Trudeau Liberals sank in 2017, the government's Bill C-64 does not include the solutions of coastal communities, like dealing with the backlog of abandoned vessels using a turn-in program (like Cash-4-Clunkers worked for wrecked cars).

At Transport Committee’s study this week, witness after witness asked for a turn-in program to get old, dilapidated boats off the water before they sink.
As they said last year, Georgia Strait Alliance was "left wondering about the absence of a voluntary turn-in program. It's a simple initiative that could easily deter resource-strapped boaters from the temptation to jump ship or scuttle their derelict boats."

Tonight I brought coastal solutions once again into Parliament, and urged the Liberal government to copy Oregon and Washington State and use this great stewardship tool. I asked repeatedly, but the government won’t say why they’re shutting out proven coastal solutions to abandoned vessels.

Check out the video above for the full exchange.