Liberals Fail to Lead on Campus Sexual Violence Prevention

MP Malcolmson questions the Trudeau Government on their inaction

Deeply troubled by the federal failure to lead on preventing rape and sexual violence at Canadian campuses. Lots of talk about "commitments," but the Trudeau government needs to use its good words around feminism to actually ACT to prevent violence against women, and take a leadership role to coordinate campus policies to prevent and respond to sexual assault.

Not only will 1 in 5 women experience sexual violence at Canadian post-secondary schools, but these survivors will experience a fragmented patchwork of often inaccessible policies and services. Canadians deserve better, but the government just answers with a lot more talk and no real action on the solutions being requested by those on the front lines of this issue.

Again I ask, when is our so-called "feminist' Prime Minister going to take action to protect these women and girls?