Mt Washington Marmot Release 2018

Video of MP Malcolmson releasing endangered Vancouver Island Marmots


Encouraging to see this endangered species slowly climb out of the danger range of extinction. Down to only 22 in 2003, in just 15 years it’s thought there are close to 200! A real conservation success story, with lots of work still to do.

I was so honoured to carry one of these endangered Vancouver Island marmots on my back up Mount Washington yesterday (in the riding of my New Democrat colleague  Gord Johns: Courtenay-Alberni Member of Parliament ). What an experience!

Big thanks to the  Marmot Recovery Foundation , their staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. And thanks to  CHEK News for the great coverage of the release!

  From Marmot Recovery Foundation at

Today we released the first 3 marmots of the season. Stuart, Flores, and Sidney joined the colony at Mount Washington Alpine Resort with seeming enthusiasm.

Born in captivity at the The Calgary Zoo, this the first time these marmots have experienced the wild, and the speed with which they made that transition was impressive. Within moments the marmots were exploring the world around their new home, and sampling the local vegetation.

There are still more marmots from the The Toronto Zoo to be released, but it is great to see the first ones out adapting so quickly after their release!