Mulcair Moves To Fast-Track Ambrose Bill on Sexual Assault

NDP receives unanimous consent from all parties in the House of Commons to move Rona Ambrose’s legislation immediately to committee.

OTTAWA – In a rare display of non-partisanship, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair succeeded in gaining the unanimous consent of all parties in the House of Commons to fast-track a bill from Conservative Interim Leader Rona Ambrose. The legislation would require that judges receive training around issues of sexual assault.

“It is rare for leaders of political parties to support each other’s legislation but when it comes to how our judicial system handles cases of sexual assault, we must all come together and say: we believe survivors,” said Mulcair.

The private member’s bill from Rona Ambrose will proceed immediately to committee so that it can be adopted quickly. The NDP has also called for a systematic review of the judicial system when it comes to sexual assault.

“This is a very important first step but we also need to strengthen protections for survivors of sexual assault,” said Mulcair. “Access to comprehensive support services for survivors must be a right.”