NDP Blasts Government Inaction on Third Anniversary of Mt. Polley Mine Disaster

The following statement was issued by Fin Donnelly, NDP Critic for Fisheries and Oceans:

“Today marks the third anniversary of the Mount Polley mine disaster in BC’s Cariboo region when a faulty dam broke spilling 24 million cubic metres of toxic mining waste into Quesnel Lake and surrounding watershed. The impact on the local community was severe and the effect on crucial salmon spawning grounds was devastating.

Three years later, Canadians are still waiting for action by our federal government. We have seen no attempt to charge those responsible in order to help with the clean-up costs and hold the company accountable.

Time has run out for provincial charges to be laid so now it’s up to the federal government to do its job and stand up for our environment and wild salmon.

This anniversary is marked by another troubling milestone. The return of Fraser River sockeye salmon has reached the lowest levels ever recorded, lower than the 2009 run which initiated the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the collapse of Fraser River sockeye.

It is simply ridiculous that no charges have been laid. It's time for the Liberal Government to live up to their promises and restore protections for fisheries and bring real improvement to the Fisheries Act.”