#StopTheLeaks Around Tax Havens and CEO Stock Options!

MP Malcolmson rises in the House of Commons for tax fairness

The world for most Canadians is increasingly a harder place in which to get by. Tax avoidance and evasion by the rich undermines our democracy by starving social programs and public services of revenues. We need a tax system based on fairness.

That's why the NDP is hard at work on the Hill for opposition day fighting for tax fairness for all Canadians in the 2018 budget. Our motion today is focused on closing the CEO stock option loop hole, a campaign promise the Liberals made in 2011 and 2015 and have failed to keep, and also going after off-shore tax havens. Together, these would bring $11 billion in revenue to Canada every year.

If only Trudeau had kept his promises. We could use those billions for national pharmacare, affordable childcare, treating veterans respectfully and equitably, climate change. How about the 4 compliance orders on funding Indigenous kids welfare and education fairly? It's time to #StopTheLeaks!