Trudeau Liberals Stalling Abandoned Vessels Legislation As Boating Season Begins

OTTAWA, ON— As another busy boating season begins in B.C., the abandoned vessel problem remains unsolved. This morning in Question Period, New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson (Nanaimo—Ladysmith) called on the Trudeau government to immediately amend and bring C-64 back for debate in the House:

“Coastal communities have called for a comprehensive solution for a decade. They are done waiting. Following the NDP's lead, Parliament agreed to fast-track Bill C-64 to committee, but since it was sent back to the House on March 2, the government has dropped anchor on the bill. Would the minister commit to amending the bill to include what coastal communities actually want and stop stalling?”

On Wednesday, May 2, MP Malcolmson sent a letter to the Transport Minister Garneau marking the second month Bill C-64 has been shelved and it’s still missing from the Trudeau government’s legislative schedule. “Summer is coming and we’re no closer to a solution for abandoned vessels,” said Malcolmson in the letter to Minister Garneau.

Malcolmson also called on the Minister to adopt changes that the Liberals member rejected at committee and add all the solutions local governments have been asking for.

“It would make the bill much more reflective of coastal needs, dealing with the terrible backlog and preventing vessels from being abandoned in the first place,” Malcolmson said in the letter.