Trudeau's Broken Promises on Kinder Morgan Review

Media: CPAC Panel


Watch CPAC's Friday Panel on Kinder Morgan  here: Starts at 7:40.

For years coastal coastal communities have been ringing the alarm: spills of heavy, unrefined bitumen are a huge risk for our local economy and environment, because it could sink before clean-up is possible. As Island Trust Council chair I urged the federal government to strengthen oil spill regulations to deal with the new risks of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion, but neither Harper nor Trudeau did. So on Friday night’s CPAC panel, I said I’m relieved the BC government is taking leadership where the feds failed: studying and regulating bitumen spills in the ocean.

The Harper Conservatives undermined the National Energy Board review process: no cross-examination of evidence, no public testimony allowed, and even when the Royal Society if Canada had evidence to bring forward, the NEB blocked hearing about bitumen in the marine environment because it was discriminatory (!) to Kinder Morgan.

The Trudeau Liberals promised to repair the review process and redo the review for Kinder Morgan. They didn’t. Two years later, they're still *talking* about environmental protection for the marine environment, but, once again, they haven't changed anything. It’s because of Trudeau’s broken promises that Premier Horgan is acting to study and regulate bitumen spills in the ocean. He’s protecting our coast where Trudeau failed to.

We’re debating this all day in Parliament; I hope you’ll tune into