Why is Trudeau Holding Coastal Communities Hostage?

MP Malcolmson questions PM Trudeau on Kinder Morgan and the OPP

At his Nanaimo town hall, the Prime Minister said that he is holding B.C. hostage to the Kinder Morgan pipeline:

"If we don’t move forward in getting our resources to market overseas in    safe and secure ways, the rest of the plan no longer holds. We won’t get the  Oceans Protection Plan investments, we won’t get a national price on carbon, and we would never meet our Paris targets.” 

He said the oceans protection plan, which he had been bragging will fix abandoned vessels, oil spills, and bulk commercial anchorages, will not proceed unless bitumen oil tankers do. However, yesterday in committee, the transport minister said the exact opposite, “the Ocean Protection Plan will proceed no matter what.” So who is right?

Climate leaders don't approve pipelines and then blame the climate change targets! When will the Prime Minister finally stand up for coastal communities instead of blackmailing them?